Monday, 30 April 2012

Muqaddimah (The Introduction)

 In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakaatuh ya'll !~

Presenting a new blogger on the block, tadaa~

     Okay, I'll start with a little bit of explanation on my blog name that is "Daie Doodle Zone". Daie means the one who preaches and reminds other people about Islam. Every muslim need to be a daie, yeah, you heard me right, EVERYONE. Seeing many of my muslim friends doesn't really follow Islam as the way of life make me realize the importance of da'wah (means conveying the message of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike).

     And Allah said in the Holy Quran :-

Surah Ali-Imraan : 104
     Doodle?....hmm...In order to attract more readers, I decided to make this blog full of pictures and doodles originally made by me and mista Google of course. Need a camera for that purpose but use my phone instead.

Bionicle Lego Digital Camera - Really cool but can't take em apart.

    I want to pack my blog with tazkirah (reminders) and current issues just like my friends do. Their blogs are really inspiring and touching. What a waste if we didn't use the technologies to spread the word of Islam. What excuses can us make for not to spread da'wah when it can be done just by using the tip of our fingers? Followed by the encouragement from the last prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him - pbuh) which emphasized the importance of da'wah in one of his short-but-compact hadeeth  :-

Riwayat Al-Bukhari
        Ah, before I forgot, sorry folks for hurting your eyes, for all the grammatical errors if you had seen across one. I'm still learning. I create an English blog because English is the international language and most people speak in English. And it would be great if not only Malaysians read my blog, don't cha think?

The Conclusion : Da'wah is a must for every muslim. Spread the love :).